The Tiger's Tail

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Brendan Gleeson (teaming up again with veteran Brit director John Boorman, last working together on 1998's 'The General'), plays Liam O'Leary, an Irish property developer of humble origins who has made it big on the back of the 'Celtic Tiger' - a name for the period of rapid economic growth in Ireland that began in the 90s.

While Liam appears to have it all: a big house; a trophy wife (Kim Cattrall); a thinking if rebellious teenage son (Gleeson); a flashy real estate development company; and even the cover of a newsmagazine. The magazine, however, catches the attention of his sinister double, whose face suddenly appears through Liam's rain-streaked car window while he's caught in a traffic jam. No one will believe Liam when he insists he has a double, but before long, this doppelganger lures him out of town and takes over his life. [Source: Variety]


Directed by

  • John Boorman('Excalibur', 'Deliverance', 'The Tailor of Panama', 'The General')

Written by

Mystery, Thriller


Rating: M adult themes


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Nine years on from their memorable crime biopic The General, veteran director John Boorman and burly star Brendan Gleeson reunite to considerably less striking effect in muddled satire The Tiger's Tail.

Guardian [UK] [Peter Bradshaw]


Bizarre doppelgänger melodrama set in the Irish Republic.

Guardian [UK] [Philip French]


A flawed movie that works better as a fable than as a direct reflection of reality.

NZ Herald [Peter Calder]


Messy identity-theft thriller is little more than a technically dodgy soap.

Variety [USA]


A top-form Brendan Gleeson returns to John Boorman's lopsided modern world in "The Tiger's Tail," arguably the director's most appealing entry since "The General." Playing dual roles as a rich Irish businessman riding the economic boom and his down-and-out twin, Gleeson animates Boorman's amusing Prince and the Pauper screenplay, which sports a dark social underbelly that puts Ireland's rich-poor divide centerstage.