The Wasted Times

Chinese thriller from director Cheng Er (Lethal Hostage) starring You Ge (Let the Bullets Fly), Ziyi Zhang (The Grandmaster) and Gillian Chung (Ip Man: The Final Fight).


Directed by

  • Er Cheng('Lethal Hostage', 'Unfinished Girl')

Written by

Thriller, World Cinema


Rating: R16 Violence, sexual violence & sex scenes

Mandarin, Shanghainese and Japanese with English subtitles


Village Voice (New York)


The majority of the characters murder or are murdered in short order, so finding someone to root for or a storyline to follow in this strangely empty Shanghai (even the train station looks abandoned) is difficult.

New York Times

press employing a nonlinear structure, Cheng Er — who wrote, directed and edited this film — severely diffuses the story’s dramatic impact.