The Wicker Man (2006)

The Wicker Man (2006)

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This, another in a long line of remakes, is based on the 1973 horror classic about atraffic cop Edward Malus (Nicolas Cage) who investigates a young girl's disappearance from an isolated, mysterious island. Suplexed by the critics. 

Tormented by a road accident that saw a mother and her young daughter burned alive, Malus sees a chance at redemption when an old flame gets in contact asking him to help her locate her kidnapped child. Travelling to the remote island, he is shocked to find a secret matriarchal order where ladies rule the roost and blokes are silent serfs. Of the missing kid, however, there is no sign. Malus tries to piece together the mystery.

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Horror, Mystery, Thriller


Germany, USA

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"Something bad is about to happen - I can feel it!" mutters Malus. He can say that again. From the heavy-handed nods to the infinitely superior original (Edward's ex-fiancée is called Willow Woodward, for example) to the comical lack of menace or peril, this Wicker Man is a calamity from start to finish...

Entertainment Weekly


Despite its logy, red-herring structure, the film has enough enigma and weirdness that it gradually stirs to life...

Hollywood Reporter


Unlikely to inspire a passionate following similar to the original, the film, which opened Friday without being screened for the press, ultimately induces more titters than dread...

The New York Times


A movie like this can survive an absurd premise but not incompetent execution. And Mr. LaBute, never much of an artist with the camera, proves almost comically inept as a horror-movie technician...It's neither haunting nor amusing; just boring...

Variety [USA]


Any provocative questions LaBute might have wanted to raise are totally obscured as the rising tide of absurdity gradually overwhelms the entire enterprise...

"Not the bees!"

Thinking of seeing this? Do yourself a favour first - watch this:

The original was a great (if camp) Brit hoorror with a fab Edward Woodwood and Christopher Lee. The remake is a steaming turd that is stupendously funny for all the wrong reasons. "Not the bees!" Classic bad movie brilliance! On a par with Ed Wood's PLAN 9 or the recent catastrophe THE ROOM...

Not sure if it gets 5 stars for hilarity or zero stars for being just so goddam awful it makes even Cage's GHOST RIDER seem palatable... Nah. It's sh*t. Can I gve it MINUS 5 STARS? Please?