Thelma & Louise

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Somebody said get a life... so they did.

Ridley Scott drama following two friends off on a simple road trip before a sequence of nightmarish events turns them into wanted criminals. Stars Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon and Brad Pitt.

Thelma (Davis) is the victim of an attempted rape until Louise (Sarandon) intervenes, killing the scumbag. Deciding no-one will believe their innocence, the pair go on the run, and are forced to embark on a crime spree after a sexual encounter with a hot young dude (Pitt) results in the theft of Louise's life savings. As the attention of the authorities escalates and the two women increasingly take their lives into their own hands, it's difficult for the pair to see a way out...



Best Original Screenplay, Academy Awards 1991; Best Screenplay - Motion Picture, Golden Globes 1991.

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Rating: M Violence and offensive language


Entertainment Weekly


Right from its gratuitously gorgeous opening shot-a beckoning panorama of red-rock mesas Thelma & Louis lets you know that it's going to be well, bigger than just another road movie.

Los Angeles Times


If the only way a woman can light up the screen these days is with a .38-caliber pistol, isn't that just another form of subordination?

Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times)


What sets Thelma & Louise aside from the great central tradition of the road picture is that the heroes are women this time.

Total Film


Female empowerment and gorgeous vistas from Ridley Scott...

Variety (USA)


Even those who don't rally to pic's fed-up feminist outcry will take to its comedy, momentum and dazzling visuals.