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In this adaptation of the Marvel comic, the reckless actions of Thor (Chris Hemsworth, Star Trek) reignite an ancient, intergalactic war. The powerful warrior is cast out of the world of Asgard and sent to live amongst pesky humans on Earth as punishment. Here he becomes protector when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the dark forces of Asgard to attack Earth. Anthony Hopkins is Odin, King of Asgard, and Natalie Portman is earthbound scientist Jane Foster.

The film marks Portman's first foray into comic book movies. Of her decision, she said: "I just thought it sounded like a weird idea because [actor-director] Kenneth Branagh's directing it, so I was just like, 'Kenneth Branagh doing Thor is super-weird, I've gotta do it'."


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Action, Adventure, Fantasy


Rating: M contains violence


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One of the less plausible comic-book heroes gets a handsome big screen outing in Thor, a cosmic tale of a fractured family that respects its source material while providing enough blocks to bust. As director, Shakespeare mega-fan Kenneth Branagh brings a sense of gravitas and dry wit to Marvel’s take on the Norse legend, assembling a solid cast and sidestepping potential silliness (mostly).

The otherwordly realm of Asgard is constructed by veteran production designer Bo Welch (Batman Returns, Edward Scissorhands) and teems with glittering golden chambers and rainbow bridges. This is successfully brought in line with the Earth-bound Marvel reality already established in the Iron Man films.

It’s well cast, well designed and well intentioned, so it’s a shame that Thor isn’t well plotted. The story is never quite clear enough, Natalie Portman is wasted (not to mention poor Stellan Skarsgaard and Rene Russo), and the flow is patchy. The lack of genuine thrills and exhilaration mean the film never soars. It’s a set-up, a part-film, and there’s a nagging feeling that you’ll have to buy tickets to future movies to complete the whole experience.

Still, I enjoyed this much more than Iron Man 2. The promise of a truly stand-alone adventure has been thwarted again, but the fun Thor will tide you over until Captain America rides into town.

Empire (UK)


Turn off the snark-o-meter, and this is a return to form for Marvel, introducing a new hero we'll be happy to see again in, oh, about a year or so.

Hollywood Reporter


Chris Hemsworth gives a breakout performance as fallen Norse god.

Total Film (UK)


The most problematic hurdle in The Avengers’ path is cleared with ease and some style by a film that makes a virtue of its inherent silliness. You’re up, Captain America.

Variety (USA)


Thor delivers the goods so long as butt is being kicked and family conflict is playing out in celestial dimensions, but is less thrilling during the Norse warrior god's rather brief banishment on Earth.


One of the worst of the Marvel bunch, Hemsworth does his best with an awkward character but comes across as wooden.


First off - Idris Elba in a BIT part? He's Idris Elba!!! C'mon! Very disappointing. Great cast. Dubious director (c'mon - have you seen his SLEUTH? Seriously? FRANKENSTEIN? Honestly?) Neither a whizz bang fun epic for kids along the lines of CAP'N AMERICA F**K YEAH! nor an adult fable along the darker line of Chris Nolan's BATMAN and DARK KNIGHT - THOR is sadly in need of a far far better script. Uninvolving but sometimes camp fun; visually pleasing and 2 stars in recognition of the fact that this was easily the hardest AVENGERS main character to make work... Still, nowhere near as awful as Joel Schumacher's BATMAN AND DOBBY. If they release a Directors Cut DVD version with an added 40 minutes this THOR has the potential to be a far better experience... Fingers crossed!

A few funny moments but that's it.

I had heard some good things about this movie, but while watching it I was having a hard time staying awake. Don't get me wrong, there were some funny moments but in the end it fell flat with the story. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman had no chemistry at all, and I felt no attachment to any of the characters. They could've done a much better job I feel.

Regret taking my boyfriend...

With Superhero/action movies of today - half of the analolouge consisting of a detailed dscription of machinery or cars or weapons or something, it was great that this movie seemed to get on with it, without Thor having to monologue his power - it was simply understood through actions.

BIG respect for ANTHONYU HOPKINS, who in my opinion should be given any kingly role of ANY movie simply by default - his brilliance portrayed an oozing of unspoken respect which poured out of the screen!

Loved the main actor - finally a down to earth like straight up bloke rather than an over complicated/over intelligent outcast playing the hero!!!

Which brings me to my final point - I regret bringing the boyfriend as the lack of mechanical dialogue, the touch of fantasy and this lead actors stellar body blew him off the edge. I apologise upfront for my squeaks each time he came on the screen. Although, I did hear a few whimpers omit his mouth when the stunning Natalie Portman was captured on screen...




Pretty Good...

I wasn't expecting much from Thor, but as far as super hero movies go this is right up there. I was entertained!

Good family movie

Wasn't expecting much from this movie, 'cos I'm not a big Marvel fan.. But I love Natalie Portman, so thought I'd check it out.

Was pleasantly surprised by this one! Good storyline if a little predictable, and some fun fight scenes.

It's good!

If you want a brain-melting good time, then this film is totally worth it! Plus there is lots to look at :)

Chris Hemsworth is the Balls!

I loved this movie. Easy as that.

Not a bad yarn

This folows a tried and tested formula.Boy meets girl,they have an attraction for each other.He is trying to save the world(s).She is on to something with her reserch.It does work in its own way.It is made by the Marvel studios so it does have that comic feel about it.Easy to watch and worth a look.

Fun popcorn movie, even if you're not a comic fan or norse mythology expert

Given how dismal and frightfully camp superhero movies can be, Thor somehow manages to avoid that trap, even with all its Shakespearian family dysfunctions and shiny gold armour. Full credit has to be given to Chris Helmsworth, who manages to pull off a great performance and really sell his character development. While the plot unfolded pretty much as you'd expect, the film had a nice balance of action, drama, humour, and of course a dash of romance at the end. All in all, a great popcorn movie anyone can enjoy, much like the first Iron Man. Recommended!