Transformers: Dark of the Moon, reviewed byshoonniboy

Well done Bay

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Transformers: Dark of the Moonisout now (On-Demand, DVD or Blu-Ray).

From the second movie , bay has created more exciting robots , and characters .I think this transformers has totally made other action movies feel challenged .

Pros - Very Good action , loved the driller

-More robots

-More Destruction

- Biggest transformers movie

-Still guessing more to come

Cons - Story could have been better

- movie rolled out very fasr

-Some robots were complicated (decipitons)

Overall - It is very hard to say this movie makes up other transformers movies but yes the action , the visuals , and the amazing sound effects were totally designed to be too good . Lastly i would say it is definitely worth the 2d and 3d and Imax#d prices but some fans may still want fox back , like i do