Tulip Fever

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Oscar winner Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl) leads this costume drama based on Deborah Moggach's novel, adapted to the screen by Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love).

In 17th-century Amsterdam, a married woman (Vikander) feels trapped in a loveless marriage with her husband (Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained), and begins a passionate affair with an artist (Dane DeHaan, Chronicle) hired to paint her portrait. The lovers gamble on the booming market for tulip bulbs as a way to raise money and run away.


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Drama, Romance


Rating: M Violence & sex scenes


Entertainment Weekly (USA)


As Chadwick piles on the coincidences and misdirections, the movie finally collapses under its own schematic weight, and wilts to the ground.

Guardian (UK)


The Vikander/DeHaan romance is a dud no matter how well it’s lit, but the “downstairs” passion between Grainger and O’Connell has a degree of realism and eroticism.

Hollywood Reporter


It arrives not as a lusty tale in full bloom but as a tastefully arranged still life, in search of an animating spark.

Variety (USA)


The entire package has a curiously old-fashioned feel — and not just because it takes place 380 years ago.

Rolling Stone (USA)


Forget fever – this floral-scented fiasco is so lifeless you can barely feel a pulse.

Los Angeles Times


At 107 minutes, Tulip Fever has been trimmed of every ounce of fat. But connective tissue, muscle and even the heart are gone too, leaving a lifeless frame.

New York Times


The most disappointing thing about the end to the speculative bubble surrounding Tulip Fever is that there isn't much there.

Beautiful costumes

I found the movie painful at times, seeing the charaters do things that were so obviously going to go bad on them. I couldn't watch those parts. But the costumes were beautiful!! Great actors and interesting to learn more about the Tulip market.




Storyline lost in pornography

Very disappointed in this film. We were hoping for a good story about the tulip fever but soon realised this is just a porn movie.

Not enough story

I found myself wanting to know more about the bubble that was the "Tulip fever" without so much exposition. I think the parallels between that story and the romantic story would have been better. Nevertheless, I don't regret seeing this movie.