Wajib: The Wedding Invitation

Comedic Arabic drama observing the lives of Palestinians in Israel. Stars real-life father and son Mohammad Bakri and Saleh Bakri.

“The title of Wajib translates as ‘duty’, and it’s duty that brings architect Shadi (Saleh Bakri) from Rome back to Nazareth, where his sister Amal (Maria Zriek) is to be married. Local tradition dictates that Shadi and his divorced dad, Abu Shadi (Mohammad Bakri), must drive around town delivering wedding invitations. Friction is in the air even before the duo clamber into Abu Shadi’s beloved and beaten-up old Volvo. Shadi thinks the exercise is outdated and meaningless. For his father, it’s about maintaining important community rituals.” (Sydney Film Festival)


Directed by

Written by

Drama, World Cinema, Festival & Independent


Rating: M Offensive language

Arabic with English subtitles

Palestine, France, Germany, Colombia, Norway, Qatar, United Arab Emirates

Hollywood Reporter


Wajib gives an unfussily illuminating snapshot of modern-day Nazareth...

New York Times


Ms. Jacir is a thrifty filmmaker; there's nothing frilly in this movie. But she is also a sensitive and imaginative and resourceful one.

The Guardian


You might argue that the script is perhaps too tidy and neat, but the rich sense of place and multidimensional characters are too seductive to resist.

The Times (UK)


There's little here that bucks the conventional road-movie structure, but the droll script and humane performances are quite special.

FilmInk (Australia)


Real life father/son Mohammad and Saleh Bakri are terrifically engaging...

Little White Lies


An eye-widening, culturally rich look at life inside a Palestinian family.

Sydney Morning Herald


Grounded in locations that speak to the broader realities and personal differences in philosophy, the film has wry warmth and unexpected differences.