West of Sunshine

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A decent working-class father must pay a staggering debt – a symptom of his gambling addiction – by the end of the day in this Australian drama. It’s also school holidays, forcing his son to come along for the ride.


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Guardian (UK)


West of Sunshine’s rough, down-at-heel Aussie vibe prompts one to set it alongside other recent bawlers and brawlers, such as Kriv Stenders’ Boxing Day or David Michod’s Animal Kingdom.

Hollywood Reporter


Running to a lean 78 minutes, this road trip around the byways of Australia’s southern capital finally climaxes in a moment of symbolism that will surprise no one...

Variety (USA)


Short, sharp and rewarding feature debut of Australian writer-director Jason Raftopoulos.

FilmInk (Australia)


...well written and well acted by all concerned...

Sydney Morning Herald


The film realises Raftopoulos's desire to deliver a film that looks as if it's been distilled from reality but in this instance, naturalism isn't enough. The judicious injection of a sense of heightened drama could have made all the difference.

The Age (Australia)


A conventional but touching social-realist drama.

Screen International


Ample location shots, and the unaffected presence of star Damien Hill and his real-life stepson Tyler Perham, help build a sincere and resonant effort that finds relatable insights in its slight yet involving scenario.