Where Hands Touch

Coming to Cinemas 21 March 2019

Award-winning director Amma Asante (Belle) directs Amandla Stenberg in this story of a bi-racial teen struggling for survival in Nazi Germany.

"Rudesheim, the Rhineland, 1944. Lenya (Stenberg) has come of age during the chaos of war. Her mother (Abbie Cornish) has done her best to protect Lenya, but the racist credo of National Socialism has rendered her a pariah for the colour of her skin. Yet youthful ardour can bloom in the most unlikely places: Lenya is in love with Lutz (George MacKay), a young Nazi. Lutz toes the party line when it comes to antisemitism yet remains drawn to Lenya despite Nazi revulsion at the thought of a Black German. When that revulsion escalates to direct threat to her survival, Lenya and Lutz must face the seemingly inevitable outcome of their impossibly fraught romance." (Toronto International Film Festival)


Directed by

  • Amma Asante('A Way of Life', 'A United Kingdom', 'Belle')

Written by

Drama, Romance, War, Historical


Rating: M Violence, sex scenes & nudity


Hollywood Reporter


Throughout, Asante raises questions about bravery, conscience and, most of all, identity.

Los Angeles Times


Asante usually excels at sharing stories audiences haven't seen before, so it's unfortunate that this one feels so dully familiar.

New York Times


A gut-wrenching misfire.

Screen International


The soft-focus romanticism, soaring music cues and use of slow-motion all mute the impact of a potentially harrowing true story.

The Guardian


It's a film entirely devoid of subtlety yet one that also fails to provide the grand emotion it yearns to deliver, despite the use of a sledgehammer.

Variety (USA)


Stenberg carries the magnetism she brought to her breakthrough role in the YA romance "Everything, Everything," but she's betrayed by a stilted rendering of a rarely illuminated piece of history.