Wonder Park

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Matthew Broderick, Jennifer Garner and Kenan Thompson form part of an all-star voice cast in this animated family adventure film.

Finding an amazing - but run-down - amusement park in the woods, a happy-go-lucky young girl named June discovers that it was created for her imagination and that it's up to her to fix it.

Los Angeles Times


The wonders of Wonder Park are dampened by the pall of grief that the protagonist is experiencing, while the wacky amusement park antics prevent the story from going especially deep.

New York Times


In the amiable animated feature "Wonder Park," a child's imagination can power an amusement park. Unfortunately, the movie falls shy of providing the same sensory thrill ride.

Variety (USA)


Little kids will like "Wonder Park" just fine. But there's a difference between a great escape and a winsomely crafted pacifier.



Paramount Animation and Ilion Animation Studios deserve to be in the same conversation as DreamWorks, Pixar, and Disney.

Hollywood Reporter


Like so many animated movies these days, it buries its ideas in a visual and aural cacophony of frenzied action sequences designed to engage the shortest of attention spans.

Associated Press


Wonder Park has a great premise about a spunky kid engineer and a world she constructs taking flight, but takes a few too many dark loop-de-loops and crashes hard. If you pass this amusement park, skip it.



Wonder Park feels like the kind of mild attraction that younger kids might enjoy when it hits secondary platforms. It's just not an adventure that's worth the price of a ticket or standing in line to see.

Stuff.co.nz (James Croot)


Seemingly destined to find a second-life as a Nickelodeon TV series, as a big screen outing, Wonder Park offers mildly diverting fun.