World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles

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A Marine platoon faces off against an alien invasion in Los Angeles. Stars Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez.

This sci-fi actioner takes its cue from real, reported events - referred to as 'Battle of Los Angeles'. On February 25th, 1942, just after 2am, hundreds of thousands of people witnessed something in the skies above Los Angeles. Army planes were scrambled to intercept, while anti-aircraft guns fired over 1,400 rounds for more than two hours. Nothing was hit or recovered (asides from friendly fire killing three civilians), the object disappeared. This event happened less than three months after the US entered World War II because of the attack on Pearl Harbour. Read more at Wikipedia.


Action, Science Fiction


Rating: M Contains Violence and offensive language


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There’s simply no way you can say that World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles is a good film. Its promise of showing a realistic portrayal of a sci-fi war zone is broken, the CGI of the invading aliens is extremely ropey and each and every character is a walking, talking, cardboard cut-out. Worst of all, the movie breaks its own established rules – the damn near indestructible aliens at the start of the film become nothing more than fragile little kittens half way through.

Despite all this, however, WI:BLA is still an entertaining film. By amply delivering big, dumb, brainless, action-filled, cliché-ridden cinematic fun that explodes at you relentlessly in big, dumb, brainless, action-filled, cliché-ridden bursts, the film manages to shoot away all your perfectly valid criticisms. You find yourself switching off and merrily enjoying the action-packed ride.

The story, for what it’s worth, is that aliens want all our water and are prepared to attack the bejebus out of us to get it. Rather than focusing on the big picture of a global attack, the movie instead zooms onto a lone marine platoon tasked with rescuing a group of civilians trapped behind enemy lines in the LA warzone.

So while you can’t call the movie good, you can comfortably say that it’s a ton of fun. With admirable and steely-eyed conviction, star Aaron Eckhart does his darnedest to singlehandedly drag the film to a higher level but World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles is nothing more than sci-fi schlock, albeit sci-fi schlock of the highest order.

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)


Here's a science-fiction film that's an insult to the words "science" and "fiction," and the hyphen in between them. You want to cut it up to clean under your fingernails.

Dominion Post (Graeme Tuckett)


What? Really? Someone's made another tired and lousy War of The Worlds ripoff already? But I'm still picking bits of popcorn out of my beard from Skyline.

Empire (UK)


Pretty much cardboard, down to the heroic patriotic speeches, and less distinctive even than last year's scarcely stellar "Skyline," which trashed the same city. Things blow up good and Eckhart is a classier actor than his role warrants, but we've all been here before.

Hollywood Reporter


The deadening and sometimes laughable litany of shouted military-style dialogue eventually pummels into submission any hope for fresh creative angles on this well-worn format.

New York Times


As it lurches from Act II to Act III, Battle: Loss Angeles reveals itself to be a lousy movie.

Total Film (UK)


Imagine Black Hawk Down with ETs instead of Somalis and you'll have the measure of an explosive if functional actioner that will do while we're waiting for summer's big guns to arrive.

Variety (USA)


Mostly, this is the cinematic equivalent of a first-person shooter game, one where the Marines possess only slightly more personality than the faceless invaders.

No brain no gain!!!

A pathetic piece of crap glorifying war and full of stupid boring American hero bla bla. Leaving a "normal" person fighting to throw up. Almost everything stolen from other movies but changed to suit some teenage males fighting to regain brain function due to overdose of testosterone.


It was true american action movie as it protrayed a great leader taking on everything eventhough he lost faith in himself due to the incident that his never returned from their operation. he gain the trust from his conrades when they continue to fight for him.

Not great but entertaining

This is not a movie to hate.. or love I guess. The special effects are good. The action is.. kind of like a cross between Black Hawk Down and District 9.. but not quite as good as either.

I say Don't expect greatness and watch it.

great action flick

if you are looking for things that blow up this movie is great, if you are looking for a great storyline than this movie will leave you wanting more. Aaron Eckhart was the main reason I went to the screening as he usually brings a lot to a story. Sadly I was left feeling I had missed something.

Good special effects

I felt this film had good special effects and plenty of action but was a bit predictable. The script was not in the same league unfortunately. I wanted them to skip a few of the lines when they were saying what was happening when it was obvious - we aren't stupid, but it felt like they thought we were.




B-grade disaster movie with token bum-chin

I do love my apocalyptic alien invasion disaster movies, but this one was almost insulting. I found my mind wandering at several times during the movie, even in the midst of supposedly thrilling battle scenes.

The dialogue really was rubbish, the aliens were far too killable, there wasn't enough gore and the amount of suspense was pathetic.

I'm sick of seeing Michelle Rodriguez in her signature tough-girl role. There are other actors capable of portraying smart, strong, courageous women. Rodriguez has almost become a parody of herself.

I disagree with Flicks reviewer Karl Puschmann. This movie isn't a ton of fun, it's a disappointing attempt at a genre which has turned out gems like Cloverfield and District 9. Boo! Try harder Hollywood.

Remove brain before entering cinema..

..because its all about the action! I enjoyed it for what it action sci-fi flick...nothing more! Aaron Eckhart plays a good leading man, even with his lines delivered 'Clint Eastwood' style throughout the movie. Yes, there was cliche after cliche but so what...its pure escapism! Just enjoy it for what it is..

Utter rubbish

I think this text from a friend sums it up nicely. "Was utter crap. some of the bes/worst lines I've heard in a while. Theme felt like a marine recruitment video. Effects impressive but is really boring too. So over all it was great, in fact the best movie I've ever seen!!! Only one gripe... That is was given the green light to start with and ever got to see the light of day!!!"




(very) Watchable

US marines vs. aliens. That is Battle Los Angeles. The film knows exactly what it wants to be and it doesn't give a hoo-rah what you think. It's pretty evident, spending a whopping 10 minutes on bare-bones character development (except for Michelle Rodriguez, who pops up part way wearing her I'm-a-badass-she-b**** badge). With a dialog-explosion ratio of approximately 1:4, there's no point dissecting World Invasion for its narrative value. If you want to see two hours of balls-to-the-wall extra terrestrial warfare, this movie satisfies. If you reserve your tastes for 'art', go watch The King's Speech for the 20th time.

Great Fun Flick

Heh, Leftie critics like Roger Ebert have savaged this film overseas because it's almost, well, anti-Avatar; it shows US forces to be brave, heroic, strong, exceptional and all the other things they really are when the leftist Hollywood trend these days is to try and paint America and her forces as all that is bad in the world. The US is supposed to feel guilty and embarrassed and leftists like to paint it that way. Imagine their surprise when everyone loved this film! It's #1 at the box office overseas. I guess sometimes the critics don't know what they're talking about.