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Tries to run before it can shamble ...but not bad

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To say World War Z had its heart eaten (by a zombie?) in its transition from page to screen might just be a little unfair - whilst I was initially disappointed when I heard about the films departure from the text, I soon got over myself when I took a closer look at just how difficult it would have been to translate. Besides - there hasn't been a decent (serious) zombie film since DOTD's remake so I was pumped.

Whilst I felt that it may have been hamstrung by its lack of gore, it over delivered in terms of sweat-inducing tension, the scenes within the medical facility were just brilliant - despite not having seen the true 'eat your face' power of the zombies - terror was sufficiently generated by claustrophobic setting.

In retrospect I'm not sure why they bothered with the whole 'family man' thing - I felt more connection to the female soldier than his wife and just felt like they were trying to shoehorn emotion into an otherwise shock-centred genre...but hey - it's nothing you can't get past.

Overall - not bad...nothing on or like the book...but not bad.