Youth in Revolt

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This is the tale of 14-year-old Nick Twisp (the eternally geeky Michael Cera) and his quest to win the heart of Sheeni Saunders (newcomer Portia Doubleday) and hopefully lose his virginity along the way. Only problem is that she's not excited by his nerdiness, so he invents a dangerous alter-ego by the name of Francois Dillinger. Based on C.D. Payne’s cult-hit novel of the same name.


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Comedy, Romance


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Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)


One of the secrets of Youth in Revolt is that Nick seems bewildered by his own desires and strategies. He knows how he feels, he knows what he wants, but he'd need a map to get from A to B. It's his self-abasing modesty that makes the movie work. Here, you feel, is a movie character who would find more peace on the radio.

Empire (UK)


It’s chaotic and episodic, but this is Cera’s star turn. Superbad meets Fight Club? That’ll do it.

Hollywood Reporter


The collision of adolescent hormones and parental folly, hardly new cinematic territory, gets a bracing absurdist slant in Youth in Revolt.

Rolling Stone (USA)


It's a bitch telling a coming-of-age story minus clichés and sappiness. So Youth in Revolt, with Michael Cera in his best performance yet, is a small miracle.



Cera and his gifted comic co-stars elevate the mediocre source material into a semi-iconic coming-of-age story.